Dienstag, 21. April 2015

Karl Menger trifft Gustav Eiffel in der Zeitmaschine

Ein wunderschönes, künstlerisch aufbereitetes Video von Arthur Stammet. Der Autor mischt eigene Fotos und diverse Mandelbulb3d-Animationen sowie Musik zu einer Zeitreise über das Schicksal des Eiffel-Turms.

Karl Menger meeting Gustave Eiffel in a Time Machine from Arthur Stammet on Vimeo.
Movie with fractal 3D animations by Arthur Stammet

This animation is a long journey in a complex, morphing 3d fractal which combines a Menger Sponge with a so-called Mandelbox. The music has been composed by Arthur Stammet and, having been mounted and remixed in Premiere Pro, interacts intensively with three parallel "stories" and a series of photographs of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Eiffel Bridge in Girona.

The Menger Sponge being a geometrical and mathematical model, one part of the movie consists in traveling through a rendered and animated construction, using this formula.

The idea of a Time Machine, making us alternating, in several speeds and directions, between different parts of this never really ending journey appears at different levels in this movie. Some scenes are repeated, but never in the same way:
1. Speed and/or direction changes illustrate this kind of utopical voyage, while using the only time direction allowed by actual techniques.
2. Photographs, shot some years ago have been converted into vintage style photographs with a sepia touch and much film grain or pictures and drawings.
3. Playing sometimes with extreme wide-angle settings, space dimensions seem to loose themselves in a kind of symbolized "liquid time".
4. Slight or dramatical morphings between some parameters of the menger-cube-algorithm change more or less radically the nested shapes of the fractal.
5. While two of the used movies simulate a "traditional" flight, looking at some parts of this world, a third one consists in a series of consecutive cuts, showing us the construction plan of this fractal. The time machine concept allows me to combine and superpose all these elements.

The original movies have been rendered in full HD 1080i (for very many hours/days), using very long picture series for the smoothest possible results. They have been realized with the Mandelbulb 3D software, and has been downscaled into a DVD resolution. The "footage" of this movie (pictures with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels):
1. The Menger-Eiffel-flight (22894 pictures).
2. The Menger-Sponge-flight (5021 pictures).
3. The Structures = construction plan in normal speed (2457 pictures) ; slow speed with some variations, batch converted with effects in Photoshop (270 pictures) : very slow speed (2832 pictures).

The photographs, shot by the author, passed a series of photoshop-manipulations in order to fit with the native Eiffel-Period and with the idea of the time machine. If the movie seems to look old fashioned, it's one of the effects, chosen by its author.

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