Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015

Tipp - Quadrat3d-Parameter-Pack von gannjondal

Rarely used Formulas 01 - Quadrat3D Params by gannjondal on DeviantArt

Sehr schöne und faszinierende Parameter, zur Verfügung gestellt von gannjonal auf deviantart.com

I want to start to publish a few parameter collections with rarely used M3D formulas.

In past there have been some discussion to break the canonical way to use Mandelbulb3D (like this journal of formula author dark-beam), and also challenges of the group Mandelbulb3DTeasers does try sometimes to go new ways.
For me this is an interesting topic. And if I should find time I will follow up this topic in future as well.

My first pack takes the formula Quadrat 3D in its focus. I use this formula since quite long, thus there is a larger number parameters available.
Hopefully these parameters are a good starting point to explore this interesting formula.

The parameter pack does contain simplified versions of the original parameters (e.g. without light maps which you may not have available).
Thus please don't expect the pictures on the index. You should do some own work

A few remarks:

Some of the already published pictures have been originally created with M3D v17x. There have been many changes in lightning and shadowing since then.
Nevertheless I have decided to update all parameters to v189. Finally they are thought to explore the structure rather than the coloring.

The pictures with the higher numbers (especially 07, and 08) do need much calculation performance. The available params as they are will result in crappy pictures because I have increased the Raystep multiplier so that you can have a first overview.
To get clean pictures you will need to lower that value (Someting like 0.01, for instance. - I even recommend to set the Stepwidth limiter to a value < 0 in parallel).

Generally you will quite often need low Raystep multiplier values. Q3D has some 'gaps' where the DE mechanism does not really work. To speed up you may try to increase the DEStop value. In some of the params this value is quite small. However - sometimes you will see that the ligtning will change completely if you change this value.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I hope you can download the zip with the params here. If not, then please tell. As a non-premium user I have some limitations.

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