Sonntag, 30. August 2015

Animation: Mandelbulb 3D Fractals (Best of... Compilation) from Glenn Campbell

Mandelbulb 3D Fractals (Best of... Compilation) from Glenn Campbell on Vimeo.
These mind-blowing visuals have added a new dimension to projected visuals. Truly spectacular and engaging, included here is a brief clip selection of those proven most popular, all made by various artists in Mandelbulb 3D.
This is a tribute to the skills (and, in rendering, extreme patience) of those plumbing the depths of both fractal geometry and this remarkable free application.

Video source, in order:

Weird Planet II (bib993) YouTube
Like in a Dream II (bib993) YouTube
CPU 3D Fractal (bib993) YouTube
Let Me Go (Mehrdad Garousi) YouTube
Rhombic Frame (subBlue)
Fractals Compilation (BRO) YouTube
Heart of the Holy Box (bib993) YouTube

Anyer Quantum (Digital Diamonds Mix) - (Creative Commons)

Samstag, 29. August 2015

Samstag, 22. August 2015

Gnarly Chocolate Koch - von Undead-Academy

Gnarly Chocolate Koch by Undead-Academy on DeviantArt

Lingua Naturae

Lingua Naturae von Julius Horsthuis auf Vimeo.
Feel like a fractal caving adventure?
A quest for the language of nature.

by Julius Horsthuis
rendered in Mandelbulb3d, with additional techniques in 3DS MAX

"One billion miles out" by Banco de Gaia

Donnerstag, 20. August 2015

Event Horizons von Julius Horsthuis - animation

Event Horizons from Julius Horsthuis on Vimeo.
Fractals just beyond the horizon.

rendered in Mandelbulb3d


Astropilot - Event Horizon
Uli Jon Roth - Event Horizon
Stratovarius - Event Horizon
xKore - Event Horizon
Michael Kamen - Event Horizon

Freitag, 7. August 2015

Animation - lumière von vaheed pall

Eine der schönsten Animationen, die ich gesehen habe. Der Titel passt: Lumiere

lumière from vaheed pall on Vimeo.
animation rendered in mandelbulb 3d - volumetric light enhanced in after effects - music by ludovico einaudi

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