Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

Alles ist mit allem verbunden - the planets, von Theli-at

Planets by Theli-at on DeviantArt

Donnerstag, 24. September 2015

Animatio - Musicians With Guns - Astroblast

Musicians With Guns - Astroblast from ricardo montalban on Vimeo.
My third 3d fractal music clip for my ambient/drone/experimental project called Musicians With guns. This track will be released soon on Perso Records :

Stay tuned for the first Musicians With Guns LP on Entropy Records, March 2011 (pressed CD, limited series 500 copies) :

The fractal imagery was made with Mandelbulb 3d, a fantastic - and free ! - program by Jesse (PC only). More infos about Mandelbulb 3d, Jesse and 3d fractals on fractalforums :

Happy new year !

Sonntag, 20. September 2015

Planet exploration HD from philippe jacqueroux

Planet exploration HD from philippe jacqueroux on Vimeo.
3d fractal world in HD.
All done with Mandelbulb3d and after effect. 2 levels from at least 5 from final projet.
Hope you enjoy it.

Freitag, 18. September 2015

Space Engeneering - ein 3D-Fraktal-Video von Arthur Stammet

Space Engeneering - 3D Fractal Animation from Arthur Stammet on Vimeo.
Movie created in February 2015 by Arthur Stammet
Soundtrack composed by Arthur Stammet

Based on digital animations rendered with Mandelbulb 3D, Groboto, Visions of Chaos and Blufftitler.

Mittwoch, 16. September 2015

Donnerstag, 10. September 2015

Kleinian drops - von Theli-at

Kleinian drops by Theli-at on DeviantArt

Sieht aus wie die "Kleinsche Gruppen" , benannt nach dem Mathematiker Felix Klein, daher hat Theli-at das Fraktal so benannt. Es basiert auf amazing box / folding integer

Samstag, 5. September 2015

Zoom In - Zoom Out 2014.09.05 von Russ McClay

Mandelbulb 3D - Zoom In / Zoom Out - 2014.09.05 from Russ McClay on Vimeo.
Another fractal animation done with Mandelbulb 3D. Rendered frames to BMP, which were imported into Premiere CS3 and frame-served to VirtualDub. Two-pass x264 encoding.

Soundtrack by Kai Engel, first When the Lights Came On, followed by The Flames of Rome (

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