Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015

93 Mandelbulb-Maps in tropischen Farben

M3D -93 Tropical and/or Warm Maps by PhotoComix2 on DeviantArt
93 tropical or anyway warm map for M3D (but they may be used for something else, are png, many seamless,"many" because is not required for maps to be seamless and for certain use may even be a disadvantage.)from little to quite big

most of the maps DON'T WORK WELL in the default position of the slider move the slider to find the best effect
and here most are quite flexible but also very sensitive to any minimum change in the position:
so when you found a interesting position to finetune DON'T move directly the sliders, instead click on the slider to make active but then use the "<" and ">" computer keys that allow much more control when fine-tuning

YOU DON'T NEED to quote me for using the MAP but if you like or download please fav and/or comment

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