Montag, 5. Februar 2018

Künstlerplattform hat Einbettungscode deaktiviert

Viele der Link-Tipps auf dieser Seite verweisen auf, wo Künstler ihre Bilder und Parameter präsentieren können.
Leider hat deviantart umgestellt. Man konnte dort die meisten der Bilder in eine Homepage einbetten, der Einbettungs-Code wurde zur Verfügung gestellt.

Nachträglich wurde die Einbettung deaktiviert. Alle hier im Blog eingebetteten Bilder funktionieren nicht mehr. Anlass für mich, den Blog vorübergehend nicht mehr weiterzubetreiben. Ich könnte zwar künftig auf andere und eigene Quellen ausweichen, aber es kostet mich viel Arbeit, die bisherigen Seiten zu bearbeiten.

Über diese Deaktivition, die offenbar ohne Erklärung und Vorankündigung erfolgte, bin nicht nur ich traurig. Ich fand einen Eintrag im deviant-Art-Forum vom Oktober 2017

I have always used the embed code to place my deviations into my blog ( but I noticed that all my old entries don't display anything now and the text box that used to have the embed code in it is simply gone from the deviation page.  What happened?  Was the feature removed?  Sent to CORE only?  It was seriously half the reason I still use this site (the other reason is that I've been here so long my gallery is like an archive of the last 14 years of my art life which seems like it should be important to me but it's slipping fast right now).

Anyway, I tried to look up news and forum posts about this issue but couldn't find anything.  I'd just like a definitive answer (if it exists) so I can put my mind at ease and move forward if necessary.
I'm noticing the same thing. No box to copy from
and my website won't display the items embedded.
That seriously sucks.


I'm glad I'm not the only one missing this feature. It's very annoying that it would just be taken away like that, without so much as an explanation. Because of its removal, the only reason I have now to post my art here is if it's a piece I want to add to my shop. If I didn't have the "'til hell freezes over" shop plan from ages and ages ago, there would be no reason at all to stick with deviantART. But even I have to go through all my old blog posts to remove the embed code and then directly upload resized images of the art. Having to do all that extra work for no good reason makes me feel like even my shop here isn't worth it anymore. It's not like I've ever made any money from it.


It is since the WIX takeover of DA. They changed a lot of the rules. I have to do the same thing. Change the code for many dozens of pages, re-upload the images somewhere else, and write new code for them. And it is very aggravating. I just hope DeviantArt doesn't have anymore surprises for us.


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